Life is your perception

Throughout my journey of the last few years, I have come to realize a simple truth – life is truly the perception you have of it. A friend of mine once told me that all throughout life we are only communicating with ourselves.

After I let my mind simmer down from the actual thought of this, I realized how much truth was in that statement. I will never fully know what you mean – no matter if I am reading a text from you, a book you wrote, or listening to you speak. Everything I hear passes through my life filter. I chose which parts are most meaningful, what your tone means, and most of the time what you actually said.

Even as you read this now, you are taking my words and adding a tone to them, you are assigning the meaning. And it is very likely, like 99.9% likely, that it does not perfectly match my intention or how the words sound in my head. Everything in life, and I mean everything, passes through your personal filter. You assign the meaning based on past experiences you have had.

As your state changes, so do your perceptions. As you have more life experiences, you will have a shift in perception. And you can chose to start to shift your perception.

I recently had a podcast episode that spoke to a study conducted by Richard Wiseman, that was done with people who self-identified as lucky and ones that self-identified as unlucky. The study showed that people who self-identify as unlucky are actually less likely to see opportunity even when it presented directly in front of them very clearly. So maybe it isn’t that you aren’t getting the same opportunity for success but are instead just unable to see the opportunity when it is presented.

One of the quickest ways I have found to gently shift my perception to more positive aspects of life is to add daily joys into my everyday life. I have a blog post that outlines how to get started.

Always remember, each day presents you with choices, and even in times when it feels like you have none, you can still make the smallest choice possible to show up for yourself.