Meet Cecilia!

Welcome! I am a woman, mother, spouse, daughter, sister, and friend who is figuring out how to live her absolute best life. I love my family, my kids, my life in general but in some areas wanted more. I hit a point in my life that I wanted to change some parts of my life but not all, some I loved, most parts of my life were the greatest parts of me but I wanted more. I found myself learning about manifestation and Neville Goddard, but quickly got confused! There is so much confusing information out there. But, over the years I started to figure it out and my life just keeps getting better. I want to share that information now with you! I want you to improve your life the way I have.

I have launched a Podcast and a YouTube channel that you find with the name Unleashing Happiness. You can also visit my Linktree for direct links.